Bhumika Shrestha…Fight against Advocacy Rights

a secret world a girl or a boy…….

In the 21st century, with the advancement of technology there are lots of new things created by human beings. When we say human beings not only male and female but different genders like lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual also exist to the society under the umbrella term of LGBTI. The different gender discussed here is the transgender, which is also called as the third gender in today’s context.

Bhumika Shrestha, a 21 year old who don’t want to be called as a girl neither a boy but simply a transgender, a different sex to the society. She is young and enthusiastic person who is fighting on behalf of other transgender person like her for their advocacy rights being legalized by the government of Nepal. Bhumika is a member of Blue Diamond Society (B.D.S) which is an organization for sexual minorities in Nepal. Today, instead of hiding the fact who she is? With full confidence she says: “Yes I’m a transgender”.

Bhumika’s Life…..Birth:

Bhumika Shrestha was born in the year 2044, poush 29th in naicab, kathmandu. Bhumika with her elder brother is living with her parents and she has a full support of her family. By birth bhumika was named as kailash shrestha.

During Childhood…..

Born as a boy named as Kailash Shrestha later changed his name to Bhumika Shrestha. 21 years ago when she was born she was a boy whose wishes and behaviour was completely like a female. Wearing her sisters’ skirts and dancing was her favourite pass time. Bhumika was attracted to a boy more than a girl.

Bhumika recalls by saying: At the age of eleven, “Instead of I being attracted to a girl I was more attracted to boys”. At this point Bhumika knew she was different then anybody. Dressed like girls, doing make-ups made bhumika into the circles of girls rather than boys. This made girls as her closer friend’s rather then boys so it made sharing of her feelings easier to girls. Bhumika’s friends used to tell “You are behaving like a girl”. By nature bhumika was shy.


In school she didn’t get along with boys. She used to show girlish characters by dressing up like a girl, doing make-ups, having long hair, wearing nail polish. These behaviours made her disliked by her teachers. Thus, she was expelled from her school and she didn’t want to continue her education further.

Turn in life:

One day Bhumika was waiting Vehicle at the Ratnapark station on her way to home. Sanjeev Gurung who was previously a field officer and now the president of Blue Diamond Society met her. By looking at Bhumika, Sanjeev felt that she was a transgender and told her about the organization B.D.S. There she met many people who were just like her and share their feeling and experiences of being a transgender. Through the organization, bhumika then took part in various social programs creating awareness, talking about sexual minorities and human rights programs. Then Bhumika after actively participating in many programs like these she then built up her confidence and then started raising the issue of advocacy right for herself and for the people just like her. Blue Diamond Society helped her in taking part in the “Miss Pink Pageant” Competition in the year 2007, for the Nepal’s gay beauty contest last year and won the title . And after winning the competition Bhumika got the opportunity to represent herself in “Miss International Queen”2007 in Thailand. She was contending against 21 transvestites/transgenders from 15 countries in the final round. Though she could not get the title but gained a lot of experience meeting transgender from different countries. But Bhumika still feels that she has much more to do for the advocacy right of the transgender and she will continue to fight for the rights of the transgender people.

Advocacy Rights:

On December 21st.2007, the Supreme Court passed on a bill stating that the transgender people have the right to get the citizenship certificate according to their identity as a transgender. There were also accredited to rights equal to those provisioned for male and female. There were also entitled to property rights and other facilities.


Bhumika feels that transgender are treated as inferior beings and are discriminated in every walk of life. She adds that the police also treat them unfairly on the grounds that they show obscene behavior. Though in the recent years, through awareness programs many people have come to know about them and have helped them. Bhumika ensures that it will take some years to create full awareness so that transgender people can also live a respectable life.

Informal Talks:

Name- Bhumika Shrestha (Kailash Shrestha)

D.O.B- poush 29, 2044

Education- Grade 10(not completed)

Address- Naicab, Kathmandu, Nepal

Interest- making friends and travelling

Activities- Miss Pink pageant (17th may, 2007) held in Nepal and Miss International Queen 2007(Thailand), and social programs.


A transgender can be both male and female by birth. “Trans” means “change” and “Gender” means “sex”. Transgender is not a gay, having sex with the gay people. For example: it’s a person who turned his sex organ to male/female and has sex with only a normal man/woman and not even with a gay or other transgender person who have changed their sex organ. Today, surgery can be the easy medium to change the sex organ. But it’s not possible in Nepal.


Bhumika is a transgender. I’m normal like everyone but I don’t want to be called as a boy neither a girl but simply a transgender.

Being a transgender:

To be transgender is not an easy and it is not by birth but a magic and the wondrous thing. With the advancement of modern technology and in modern age, there is a facility of surgery and therefore we are fortunate generations of truly gaining the rightful bodies as compared to the past generations. “I cherish being a transgender” says Bhumika.

Why Advocacy rights?

For the end of discrimination, Nepal’s new constitution must ensure the rights of sexual minorities. “We are like a any other Nepali, so we have every right to get the citizenship card” says- Bhumika. For example: in airport it’s really difficult because I’m a male dressed as a female. It’s difficult for anyone to belive me as Bhumika. So we need our identity.


  1. Nabin Shrestha Said:

    i am proud of bhumika of what she has achieved and yeah its really hard for gay people to live in the society where people are treating them really badly and also using them in some kind of sexual behaviour by threating them.
    Hope that gay right will soon be in nepal and all the gay have their life to rock on.

  2. msadi Said:

    thanX’ 4da comment…..
    meeting bhumika was by chance for an assignment purpose for a research paper….. she really cooperated well with me…

  3. Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog in my rss reader

  4. K.Rupesh Said:

    Dear Bhumika,
    I am very proud of you as you are not shy to admit to express your belief, attitude and feelings. I wish I could meet you personally or through email. I want to help you in any way I can. Rupesh.

  5. K.Rupesh Said:

    Please reply to me in this email:
    Thank you. Rupesh.

  6. aze neska Said:

    wow…..girl i really appreciate ur efort..although ima transexul..i knew it since i was 10 but cant forey it in front of the world it need some guts and u have it,,hope i can do taht later when i stand out to be someone and can do sth 4 the b diamond society….

  7. Здравствуйте , с как можно обменяться ссылками?
    Если конечно администрация этим занимается , куда писать? И что насчет расценнок?

    Куда писать не знал поэтому написал сюда
    если что извеняюсь перед администрацией.

  8. posion Said:

    well done bhumika keep it up…………

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